Enterprise Web Hosting

If you’re running a solid business, you’ll know how important it is to have your emails and website up and running all the time, and you’ll appreciate the personal touch that we add in.We don’t offer packages at RM199 per year, though we could… but why would you want to skimp and host with a provider who cramps thousands of low-end accounts together? When your neighbours get hacked, it could affect you too.Our monitoring services run every 5 minutes to alert us of server outages even before you find out. That’s how serious we are.

Wouldn’t you spend RM1,000 per year for peace of mind?

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Just RM1,000 per year.

Disk Space 20GB
Email Accounts (IMAP & POP) Unlimited
Number of Domains 5
Subdomains 5
MySQL Databases 5
Monthly Data Transfer 50GB
Data Backups Daily
Network Equipment Powered by Cisco (the best!)
Server Monitoring 24x7x365
Fanatical Service 24x7x365.25 (yep, we’re that fanatical!)

Can I check mail on the go with my BlackBerry, iPhone and Android tablet?
Sure! What’s the point of servicing the enterprise if you can’t be mobile and stay connected, right? We’ve got all your devices covered.

What if I need more space or bandwidth?
We’ll double the plan above for just an extra RM500 per year.

Will you provide me with ABC, DEF or GHI?
Whatever your request may be, send us an enquiry, we’ll try and accommodate your needs as far as possible.

So, you’re a techie… 🙂

Beneath the hood, here’s a little more on how our servers are setup.

  • Control Panel

We use the most reliable and user-friendly system available, known as, drum roll… cPanel. Most hosting providers in the world offer this because of its universal appeal and ease of use. We guarantee you’ll love it.

  • PHP and MySQL

Most applications run on the powerful combo of PHP+MySQL. WordPress which powers most websites in the world are built on this tight-knit relationship. Our servers can provide you with support for PHP4 or PHP5 (yes, you can choose) and MySQL 5.

  • Data Backups

We never leave it to chance. Our systems are set to take snapshots nightly and keep the data offsite too. We keep backups for up to 5 days, just in case you need to roll back a few extra days.

Ten Reasons to Choose FatServers

We have a long history in the industry – since the year 2000.

We are committed to serving companies that rely heavily on their email and web.

Our engineers are trained and certified in server maintenance.

All servers are monitored at five minute intervals and we are notified the moment anything is wrong.

Our team is on call 24×7.

You are choosing business class over a no-frills provider.

We’re simply personal. Our family really cares for all clients.

Many of our existing clients on top tier ones. We are trusted by large agencies.

Equipment purchased for servers is top grade stuff. We don’t stinge.

We are fun people – don’t you think that’s important?