Web Hosting

Enterprise web hosting, colocation, dedicated servers… WHAT’S THE DIFF?

Today, there are many webhosting plans and they confuse the life out of most people. Let us break it down in simple terms for you.

  • Enterprise Web Hosting

At FatServers, we don’t sell low-end shared web hosting packages that most providers offer. They make money from cramming too many budget clients together on one server. Think: refugee camp.

We limit the number of clients per server and you will be placed in an exclusive neighbourhood, out of the reach of budget bloggers who are more susceptible to getting hacked. Think: a bed in a Beverly Hills neighbourhood.

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  • Semi-Dedicated Hosting

If your site is fairly sizable, and has outgrown and Enterprise Hosting plan based on space or server load, you can move on up. Get your own space within one of our servers and do what you want with it.

We only ever put a maximum of 15 clients per server. Now that’s exclusive! Think: your own apartment in Beverly Hills.

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  • Dedicated Server

You’re now at the peak. You have a thriving business and you need to be totally exclusive. Congratulations!

With a dedicated server, we provide you with a machine that only you have access to. We worry about keeping the hardware and software alive, while you (or your agency) manage the application and your business.

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  • Server Colocation

This is very similar to dedicated server hosting, except you provide your own server and manage the hardware yourself. We provide the bandwidth, space and electricity.

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