Managed Services: One Plan

We support ANY server running a flavour of Linux. It could be a colocated or dedicated server, virtual private server (VPS), or cloud server. The cost for managing your server merely costs RM600 per month and covers the extensive list of services below.

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  • System hardening

Never disabled unused ports and services to protect yourself from the most common of attacks? Let our techies work on it for you.

  • Initial server configuration

If you’ve just procured a new server, we’ll do the initial setup and hardening to ensure it’s protected from all the evils out there.

  • Backups

You will never know when disaster could strike. As part of our standard preventive measures, we take regular backups of your server and its data to ensure you can be up and running again if Murphy shows up.

* Limited to 100GB of data

  • Disaster and hack recovery

Crap, your server has been compromised. How do you get back to business and make sure no traces of the hacker are left behind?

  • Server migration

Moving? As with a physical house move, there’s much to be done for the migration of servers too. Outsource the headaches to us – we’ll pack and unpack for you.

  • 24×7 phone support

Nobody wants to send emails or create a trouble ticket when a serious problem occurs. Contact our staff at any time via the phone. Rest assured, we are here for you.

  • 24×7 server monitoring

Would you know if your server goes down? Set up an alert system so that you can get assistance the moment problems creep up. We check your server every 5 minutes.

  • Software installation & upgrades

Let us keep your system current – we can manage the kernel, Apache, MySQL, PHP, FTP, Qmail, Exim and more.