Managed Services

We’re one of the few companies (and perhaps the best!) in Malaysia offering managed services for servers. Our amazing family has more than 100,000 hours of experience under our belt.

Run your business as you should and focus wholly on it. We know you don’t want to worry about server management or tech jargon. You need your servers to be up and running (all the time!), and for someone to step in and fix problems when they arise.

Server management is our primary business and we support any dedicated server, colocated server, virtual private server (VPS), or cloud server running Linux. Even if your server is within your office, we are able to connect and help manage it, as long as there is a relatively speedy Internet connection.

Rather than confusing you with a plethora of offerings, FatServers has only one plan. And at the core of that plan, is the drive to ensure your server is protected and operating optimally.

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