Enterprise Solutions


Realising there is a need for advanced solutions by large multinationals and corporate companies, FatServers has a line of services that is customisable based on the complex requirements you may have.

DDOS Protection

Protect mission critical services from malicious Denial of Service attacks. We have the bandwidth to sift through the flood of data and only deliver legitimate data.


High Availability

We are able to provide redundant servers and configure them so that your services remain active, even if one falls ill. Everything fails at some point, and we want to prevent it as far as is possible.


Certain industries have very specific needs and because of our years of experience in the technology industry, we are able to customise certain offerings to match.

Do contact us to find out more on how we can specifically assist you.


We work with many Advertising, Digital and PR firms to provide them mission critical solutions for their campaigns. Our call centre team is operational 24/7 because we know you work through the night.



Security is of paramount importance, and rightly so. We have worked to deliver secured servers behind layers of firewalls and ensure compliance with national banking guidelines.


Legal & Brand Protection

We have years of experience in providing supporting services to companies who take their trademarks seriously. We manage a high-value portfolio of domain names for many international clients.