Our Family

“FatServers is an Integricity brand crafted for our technology services. If you can’t tell by now, we’re crazy and fun, yet cutting-edge when it comes to technology.”

Senior Management, FatServers

JS Chui
CBDO, Global

His specialty? Staying up late at night to ensure your servers are up and running well. A real hard worker who gives his best in everything and anything that he does. He is also an expert in KS while playing Dota.

Alex Lam
CEO, Global

The serial entrepreneur spirit in him helps incubate ideas that are thrown at Integricity Technology. Extracts reality out of opportunities. He is an adventure addict - lives on the edge and refuses to stay put for long.

Johnny Lim
COO, Malaysia

He oversees and manages the daily operations of Integricity Technology. Johnny loves a good challenge, especially when it comes to dragon boating!

Muhd Khalil
Head of Technical

His special power is bringing machines back to life with his magical hands! Khalil is the only person in the family who can watch hours and hours of movies without blinking.

Abu Hena
Sr Technical Strategist

He is the guardian of your servers, making sure it is up and running at all times. Spicy food is his forte.

Liong Kok Foo
Sr Systems Specialist

He keeps us up to date with the latest and trending hosting technology, yet still has time to watch an average of one movie a day! Talk about multitasking!

Yeap Ewe Jin
CTO, Global

A true reliable ninja attending and fixing any IT need with lightning speed by day and an adventurous foodie by night!

Khairul Irsyad
Systems Administrator

The ninja with many masks handling various areas so that you rest free of your server issues. All this with a PS4 controller on the other hand.
"We love what we do and we are passionate about it, don't believe us? Give us a try. We give our best to our clients, and we do it with a smile on our face."