We are seeking for talented stealthy ninjas to join our ever-growing team.

But don’t just send us a standard boring CV. Be creative and show us how really fanatical you are. Give us a link to your blog, portfolio or something you’ve done. One guy even sent us an eBay auction of himself. Be creative and be different!

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Current vacancies include:

Ninja Consultants

If you love people, are able to speak well, and can maintain relationships with our clients, we want you. As a premium technology provider, our ninja consultants are groomed to provide only the best fanatical service to our clients.

* It is a bonus if you have ninja skills to do the work of three people with one pair of hands!

Server Gurus

Our techies are the best of breed. We feed them with premium coffee, give them servers and flashing screens in a dark, cold data centre (Just kidding!). We train our techies to be preemptive and prevent problems before they occur. If you are meticulous and can fix problems under pressure, you’re a right fit.

Client Relationship Manager

FatServers needs a social butterfly who will be able to prepare presentation zen-like slides and wow the socks off prospects. We manage clients for several PR, advertising and digital agencies – we need someone with flair to represent us and pitch our services to this sector.

* Candidates with dyed, spunky hair have an edge.

Have you got what it takes to be a fanatic?

We’re not your traditional kind of company, and this isn’t your traditional kind of job.

You’re passionately in love with (in no real order!) Linux, SSH, Apache, MYSQL, RAID, Active Directory and stuff your friends don’t even understand yet.

You don’t consider any of the above as real “work”.

Your family thinks you’re a geek and only calls you when they have a computer problem. It’s ok, we’re like that too, and we will love you.

Five good reasons to sign up to be a FatNinja:

ONE. The opportunity to work with, learn from and play with a solid team of like-minded awesome people.

TWO. Work with, learn from and play with (okay, not all of them want to play) a diverse range of clients: from cool start-ups to some of the world’s best-known brands.

THREE. Cozy contemporary-style office with a foosball table, toys and cool brainstorming areas.

FOUR. Perks aplenty. A hardware incentive program that allows you to own the hardware you use. Paid holidays: go wherever you want, we’ll pay for your flights and hotels. Free books and magazines. Free parking. Free food, and an unnatural devotion to good food.

FIVE. Young, funky bosses who really do take an interest in the well-being of the family. (See, we don’t even call you employees. We foster a family – no, not quite like the mafia!)